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Who we are

Getting Better Together Ltd (GBT) is a community centred health initiative which was established in 2000 with the aim of promoting the health and wellbeing of residents living in North Lanarkshire.

Since its creation, GBT has become a leader in the arena of community-led health improvement with a record of success delivering high quality, effective community-led health improvement services. It is a successful, respected organisation widely recognised by statutory, voluntary sector partners and the individuals we work with.

Over the last 23 years, Getting Better Together Ltd has witnessed the sort of transformations normally reserved for feel good films. At GBT, sports, exercise, healthy eating, and other community participatory activities aren't just about improving health - they are turning people's lives around, transforming stereotypes and giving our community opportunities they were previously excluded from.

GBT are a courageous organisation, pushing boundaries and challenging ingrained perceptions about what it means to be healthy.

Everything GBT does is inspired and informed by the practical needs of the people on our doorstep.

Working with our communities, we ensure our local people have access to, and are involved in, the design and delivery of programmes and services created to help improve their health, wellbeing and to build their life skills.

The GBT board is made up of local directors, and we have over thirty staff and forty volunteers.

The GBT board

View our charity details on the Scottish Charity Register website.

Board of Directors

Getting Better Together Ltd is required to have a Board of Directors (Trustees) comprising of residents of, those with a place of employment or business in, or those carrying out voluntary work within North Lanarkshire.

Our trustees can use their skills and experience to have a direct influence over a cause that they care about. It is a rewarding role, but there are responsibilities meaning they need to give up some of their time to help our charity succeed.

Charities have a special place in our society because they are committed to helping others. This creates a level of trust from the public that we must protect.

Our trustees help run an effective charity that shows how we operate for the good of others.

If you have an interest in becoming a trustee, you can email us at contact@shottshealthyliving.com

View our active board members and most recent accounts on companies' house.

Core Staff Team

Executive Manager and
Company Secretary
Operational Manager
Finance and
Admin Support
Centre Support
Centre Support

Our Objectives

The objectives of Getting Better Together Ltd shall be to advance the education and promote health of the local community through new service provision, the increased co-ordination and integration of services and the creation of more accessible two-way information flows between service providers and users.

Our Mission Statement

Getting Better Together Ltd will, through a community led health improvement model, focus on the need to eliminate inequalities in health and to ensure that communities are involved in the design and delivery of services that will improve their health and wellbeing.

Our Values

GBT will Be:


GBT will have the courage and resilience to remain committed to our mission and we will pursue alternative ways of doing things where this will lead to a greater impact on improving people's wellbeing.


GBT will always value the diversity of perspectives, experiences, knowledge, skills, cultures and beliefs that people have to share. We will ensure that all voices will be welcomed, and all contributions recognised.

GBT recognises the people in our community as assets and as equal partners, who can shape the services GBT and our community partners provide.


GBT will be open and up front with our community, funders, and partners.

GBT will build trusting relationships by sharing our reports, audited accounts, and the rationale for decisions we make and the actions we take.

GBT will build meaningful partnerships with others in any area it develops a service in.


GBT will aspire to always understand the feelings of everyone we work with so that they feel understood, valued, and respected. We will use our empathy to act as facilitators and as a catalyst for change in a person's life.


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