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Whats on at GBT


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Below is a list of current activities delivered by GBT or on behalf of GBT by one of our partner organisations.

New activities and activities cycles can start all year round so to get the latest updates please keep an eye on our facebook page. 

While the below activities highlight some of the main weekly clubs available at GBT there are also holiday, short run, and one off programmes and activity days to look out for. For more information on these have a look at some of our newsletters below or keep up to date on facebook.

EARLY YEARS (from birth til primary)

- Baby Bushcraft           - Book Bug                 - Play on Pedals

- Baby Massage             - Messy Play

- Baby Yoga                    - Moo Music

                           (from primary 1 til young adult) YOUTH

- Early Primary               - Late Primary/Early High School        - High School+   

- After School Club (5-8)  - Tuesday Club (10 -12 Youth Group)                - SHIP(13+)

- Bushcraft (5-10)               - Music Workshops (9+)                                  - Music Workshop (12+)

-                                                       - Saturday Sportscene (8+)                               


ADULT (SWFT services)

- Befriending service          -  Yoga                                  - Sewing(with a difference)

- Vintage High Tea              - Weight Management

- Tea Dances                        - Art Group

Family Centre and Services at HMP Shotts

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Frederick Douglas

"50% of prisoners lose contact with their families throughout the period of their sentence. This increases the likelihood of

reoffending upon release." (Families Outside)

"Continued familial support throughout the period of the sentence has been found to result in the prisoner being 6 times

less likely to reoffend upon release." (Families outside)

Getting Better Together has been working in partnership with HMP Shotts since 2012 delivering a range of services for children and families visiting the prison.

Getting Better Together have recently opened a Visitor Support Hub at HMP Shotts.

This service will provide support and advice to all visitors with a loved one living in HMP Shotts.

70% of people with a loved one in prison access no outside agency help in relation to the situation they now find themselves in.

The impact of imprisonment on a family is long lasting and far reaching.

We are fully dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming environment to all visitors to HMP Shotts.

Opening Times for Visitor Suppor Hub:

Mon – Fri: 9am till 12pm  - 12.30pm till 4pm

Evenings – Mon & Wed: 6.30pm till 7.30pm

                                              Tues & Thurs: 6.30pm till 7.30pm ( on rotation)

Sat: 9.30 till 12pm

If you would like more information on GBT activities and services based at HMP Shotts please contact -

phone: 01501 824141

e-mail: gbtvisitorhub@btconnect.com


We work with many organisations and local groups to support the provision of much needed services to the community of Shotts. Some of these services provided by our partners from within the Healthy Living Centre are listed below. 

- Routes to Work

- Citizen's Advice

- Credit Union

- Department of Work and Pensions

- NHS Lanarkshire

- Healthy Start