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You can contact any member of the team at Getting Better Together by:

Phone: 01501 825 800

Choose option 1 for Transport

Choose option 2 for Adult services

Choose option 3 for Café

Choose option 4 for Office - Choose office if you are not sure

Choose option 5 for Early Years

Choose option 6 for Get Active - Get Going

Other ways to contact us or keep up to date!

Facebook: GBT Shotts Healthy Living Centre

Twitter: @shottsGBT

Early Years

To book sessions or for more information please phone, send us a facebook message or e-mail us

Phone: 01501 825800 (option 5)



Phone: 01501 825800 (option 5)


Under 25 and want to know what's on relevant to you? Friend us on Facebook: GBT Young-Persons Page

Adult Services

Phone: 01501 825800 (option 2)



Phone: 01501 825 800 (option 3)


Check and like our transport Facebook page at: GBT community transport

Like our Facebook page: GBT Shotts Healthy Living Centre


Executive Manager, Mark Slorance                                                      -

Operational Manager, Kimberley McLean                                            -

Community Transport Manager, Paul Bridges                                     -

Administrative Finance Assistant, Lorraine Glackin                             -

Adult Services and Community Development, Catherine Carson       -

Radio Development Worker, Ian Hamilton                                           -                                               

Youth and Early Years Strategic Lead, Kyrstie Cowell                      -

Get Active - Get Going Strategic Lead, Craig Bridges                        -

Science and Radio Development Worker, Rebecca Hay                    -

Hall and Room Hire at Shotts Healthy Living Centre and Springhill Hall

Looking for a space to start your own class?

Hold a social event?

Have a meeting?


Why not give us a ring and see what we have available.

You may be able to hire the hall at Shotts Healthy Living Centre, Springhill Hall

or our IT suite may accommodate your needs.

Hall hires are priced at £8.00 per hour.

Please contact us for details.

Phone 01501 825800 (option 4) and ask for Lorraine or e-mail

Call : 01501 825800

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