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Getting Better Together Ltd

Scottish Charity Number: SCO33111 - Company Number: SC322054

Shotts Healthy Living Centre, Kirk Rd, Shotts, ML7 5ET

Community Café


Getting Better Together Community Café


Based within Shotts Healthy Living Centre the community café and Co-op is run by a skilled team of staff and volunteers happy to help and serve quality foods to customers and service users, including a variety of healthy options.

See below for opening times for the café and co-op, menu and catering details.

Please note GBT is a not for profit organisation.

Café & Co-op opening times


9am - 3pm


9am - 3pm


9am - 6pm


9am - 3pm


9am - 3pm

Saturday & Sunday



Our Community Co-op sells a variety of fresh fruit & veg, and when in season local produced veg straight from the community garden.

Examples of produce sold includes; Apples, pears, oranges, cucumber, potatoes(varies types), tomatoes, melon, grapes.

Other produce is available as well as seasonal fruit and veg, please get in contact to find out what's in store!

Price list (other produce available)

Milk (2 Litres)


White onions (per Kilo)


Red onions (per Kilo)




Apples (each)


Pears (each)


Satsumas (each)


Bananas (each)


Turnip (each) £0.60

Carrots (per Kilo) £0.75

Chipper Potato (per Kilo) £0.50

Washed Potato (per Kilo) £0.50

(please note this is just a selection of prices of the most bought produce, these prices are accurate at time of posting and will be updated periodically, please be aware that sometimes prices may vary slightly from those online and we cannot guarantee produce availability, however to find out if goods are in stock and about other available produce please phone 01501 825 800 (option 1)

Catering Service


The community café also offer a great catering service offering a hot & cold buffet service.

Examples of events catered for:



Parties/Private functions


For more information contact the café managers on: 01501 825 800 (option 1)

or e-mail -

Café Menu

Below is the current café menu, daily specials are also available. Click on the menu to see larger image. Please note café closes at 6pm on Wednesdays, not 7pm as stated in menu.

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